Monday, November 18, 2013

Thanksgiving Ideas 2013.

Hello, everyone! I just want to say that, yes, I am alive. Medical school does not leave me much time for anything, including the necessities like vacuuming, much less writing a blog post!

With the holidays around the corner (Thanksgiving! Christmas!), I wanted to share some links with you of some yummy things I've been eyeing. This Thanksgiving I'll be spending with my friend S and her hubby and family and friends. She's relatively new to GF and paleo-ish, so it's going to be a fun time in the kitchen making delicious food.

Thanksgiving Ideas 2013 --> just click the links below!

Start your day of food prepping and cooking with this bright and light smoothie, just be sure to add some protein so you don't crash later!

Every Thanksgiving table needs...  Cranberry sauce, roasted veggies of all kinds, cauliflower garlic mashed potatoes, squash fries, some form of sweet potatoes, corn bread, corn bread, (yes two kinds is perfectly acceptable!), brussel sprouts, and green bean casserole, if that's your thing. And what about a broccoli-bacon salad? Or a light and easy spinach salad?

The main event... Want to switch it up this year? How about smoked turkey?

Who loves muffins? My mom's favorite snack and side for nearly any fall/winter holiday is these grain-free pumpkin muffins. If pumpkin muffins aren't your thing, or you want something to more easily please many different taste buds (young and old)... try these crowd-pleasing grain-free cranberry orange muffins, chocolate chips are optional!

This is my favorite pumpkin bread... Pst, it's unsweetened! ;)

Is there anyone who wants egg-nog before Christmas?

Dessert options are many...

My inner New-Englander loves any kind of grain-free apple crisp; this version has a crunchy delicious topping!

And of course there's vanilla ice cream, because apple crisp and paleo pumpkin pie always must be served with ice cream.

Cake, because it just may be someones birthday on or around Thanksgiving.

And for those of you who always need some chocolate, how about some brownies ;)

Lastly... After the main event... make some delicious grain-free waffle sandwiches using all your leftover turkey and cranberry sauce!

I hope you all have a warm and safe Thanksgiving holiday! Enjoy the time with loved ones, and don't forget to crunch some leaves if you have them :)