Hello. Welcome to my blog! I'm Meagan.

I am a 20-something new doctor and Bastyr University graduate. Prior to this, I graduated from Biola University with a Bachelors of Science in Human Biology, along with a Bible minor.

My love of food stems out of my deep passion for nutrition, health and fitness. I originally created this blog when I moved to Southern California for college, as a way to keep in touch with my family on the East Coast, but it quickly morphed into more as I realized that thousands of other people were benefiting from the recipes I shared.

My food philosophy is pretty simple. Eat real food, local, and when possible, traditionally prepared. I don't believe in food restriction, deprivation or "food rules." I DO believe in listening to your natural hunger and fullness queues, following a type of "intuitive eating" approach that so many people have abandoned. I don't need calorie counts or a food scale or the internet to tell me what to eat, I've been blessed with an incredibly smart, strong and capable body that can help me do that, if I choose to listen.

Throughout my health journey, I have discovered many things about my mind, my body and my health. My time as Human Biology major gave me loads of basic science knowledge with which to interpret and apply nutrition information. My time as a Naturopathic medical student expanded upon the knowledge I had already gained, and made it grow, integrating the Naturopathic perspective with medicine, science, my own personal experiences and so much more. My story is long and complex, with many ups and downs. I am better for it, and while growth is hard, I wouldn't change my process. It has helped shape me into the woman I am today.

Overall, health is more than a "few times a day decision," it's a life-style.  I want this blog to be a resource for people who are learning (and want to learn) about real food and true nutrition.  It's important to realize that we are always learning.  This blog also includes a little bit about my journey through school (undergraduate and medical school) and life, but recipes that I have created myself are the biggest focus. Recipes, ideas and scientific facts are the largest part of Mutritious Nuffins content. Thanks for stopping by, don't hesitate to contact me.