Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nourishing Protein Bars 1.1.

Remember these? They got great feedback when I posted them back in June 2010. This past year they've been nothing but the absolute best go-to recipe when I need to make something for friends, a gift, parties or events. No one I know has said anything less than, "those bars you made were so awesome." They truly are delicious! While most protein bar recipes out there seem to be loaded with sugar, grains, or other questionable ingredients, these bars have none of that. 

At one of my favorite stores, I recently found a square pan on sale. I bought it because I knew it would work PERFECTLY for making these protein bars, because I could just pop them out. And it did! There was no mess, and no cracking due to cutting like I encountered with the previous method. These bars look "professionally" uniform and totally better than store-bought.

Most recently, I have started my Spring semester at school. I made up two different batches of protein bars (second recipe to come next week!) and brought them both back with me to California. These are a perfect breakfast option for me since I am constantly on the go! They are easy to make up and freeze very well. For easy packaging, cut up into squares and place in snack baggies, or use a square pan and pop them into plastic wrap and then aluminum foil.

Look at all the goodness inside :)

This is a WARNING. These bars are quite tasty. It takes great amounts of self control to make these bars and not go over board sampling them!

Nourishing Protein Bars 1.1.
    adapted from Passionate homemaking

    2 cups  whole almonds
    1/4 cup  ground golden flaxseed
    1/2 cup  organic dates  (about 6 whole pitted dates)
    1/2 cup  organic unsweetened coconut flakes
    1/2 cup  organic raw almond butter
    1/2 tsp  unrefined sea salt
    1/2 cup  organic coconut oil, melted
    1-2 Tbsp  organic maple syrup
    2-3 tsp  vanilla
    1 handful 100% baking chips, or 3-4 unsweetened chocolate baking squares, melted
    6 drops  vanilla creme liquid stevia (optional)
    *Use more chocolate for a thicker coating

To make your protein bars:
  1.  Place almonds, flaxseed, dates, coconut, almond butter and salt in a food processor. Pulse to combine.
  2.  In a small sauce pan, melt coconut oil using LOW heat. Remove from heat and add vanilla and maple syrup.
  3.  Add melted oil mixture to the food processor and pulse/grind ingredients until it forms a coarse paste.
  4.  Scoop out the mixture and press down hard into an square bar pan.
  5.  Melt chocolate in a double boiler, add stevia last when finally melted. Pour the chocolate mixture on top of the already pressed down bars. Smooth out and place into the fridge or freezer until chocolate has hardened. To serve, take bars out of fridge/freezer for at least 30 minutes. Work a knife around the edges gently and pop out bar onto pieces of plastic wrap. Wrap and freeze for later or munch right away :)

Yum - chocolate layer!

I suggest keeping this in the fridge or freezer until eating, or the chocolate will soften or melt (depending on the current temperature in your climate). You may need to hide these in the back of the fridge or freezer to keep everyone in the house from demolishing them all at once. They are just too good. Or you can be nice and share :)



Kari (Wathne) Marbury said...

I've been looking for something just like this to make... Thanks for all the recipes! Keep them coming!! { btw, we've been cleaning eating and gluten-free since October and feeling great!}

Lacey said...

Awesome recipe! About how many standard muffin tin cups do you think this recipe would make?

Kelsey Ann said...

i feel like i can already taste one!! the "sink your teeth in and drool all over" bars! what an insanely yummy recipe!! <3

Meagan said...

I feel the same way! They are TOO delicious!

Sarah said...

These look really great! I like their large raw component and the fact that the protein comes from actual food rather than isolated protein powder!

cailen ascher said...

wow - those look delicious! anything with a chocolate layer is good by me : )

great blog! i look forward to reading more. i'm your newest follower!


Olga said...

These bars are awesome!!! The kids love them too!

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to make these for awhile but, to be honest, I'm a little scared I'll eat the whole thing!

Tess said...

I love these ideas! I cook this way too- SO NICE to see it pre-done so I don't have to guesstimate on my measurements anymore. I'll be on here a lot now...yummmmmy.

Lissa Kirby said...

I Love these! I have made many versions of a recipe very similar! :) Where did you get those cool pan! I want some!

Anonymous said...

How is that a protien bar?More of a fat bar. Way more fat than protein. I got excited when I saw the title.

Stacey said...

Really delicious and easy! I made these to bring on a long hike with another family and our kids and everyone loved them for a snack! I feel so much better giving my kids a mostly protein treat instead of a flour sugar laden one. I am a new subscriber and am really enjoying your site! Thanks for the great recipe! I am looking forward to trying more.

Anonymous said...

This recipe will be perfect for midday snack for my GF husband. Where did you find a square pan??

Momma E said...

This recipe was AWESOME!! My daughter and I found it difficult to stop devouring like maniacs! Even my youngest daughter and her friend loved it!
We did make a couple of substitutions due to supplies on hand. For the dates we used fresh blueberries, and for the almonds we used 1/2 almonds + 1/2 walnuts.
My daughter said it was the best paleo/gluten free recipe we have tried so far!! Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

These are amazing thank you! Any way to get the nutritional break down on them?

Unknown said...

I never comment, but these are so good that i had to say Thank You for the amazing bars!!! Hubbie is eating them as I type..LOL