Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Look at this mess!
One day this past week I set out to make a roasted vegetable dish featuring the left over egg whites I had in my fridge. Something similar to a fritatta, but not started on the stove. A few minutes into the preparation process as the dish was evolving I found out that my original plan was not going to happen, and the dish starting going in a WHOLE new direction.

This seems to happen to me quite often! Most of the times good dishes result, and I find that if I follow my intuition, or go with my "gut" everything usually turns out ok. It's the times when I ignore the voice that says "I know you want to add another cup, but it should really only be a tablespoon" the dish goes awry.  I love to experiment in the kitchen, so winging it is always a source of enjoyment for me.

Here's the dish I threw together! It was really fun to make. Thank you MOM for doing the dishes!!

Zucchini Red Pepper Spice Casserole

4 eggs
8 egg whites - unbeaten
2 medium vadalia onions - shredded in the food processor
2 large zucchini - halved, seeded and shredded in the food processor
2 red peppers - shredded in the food processor
1/2 cup herbed sour cream (mine was Wallaby organic sour cream (delicious) and a local homemade herb spice packet)
1 tsp salt
hint of: smoked paprika, garlic powder, nutmeg, cayenne

To make the casserole:
1. Prepare veggies in the food processor. Shredding onions first, place in a dish towel and wring out the liquid. Spread the shreds on the bottom of a sprayed glass baking dish.
2. Shred the zucchini, transfer to another dish towel and wring out the liquid. Place the shred of one zucchini on top of the onions, and the other place in a bowl.
3. Shred red peppers and add to the zucchini bowl.
4. Scoop out your sour cream on top of the red peppers and zucchini; add spices and mix together.
5. Pour egg whites over the onion and zucchini layer. Make four little places in each corner and crack eggs into each one- do not break the yolk. 
6. Spoon the creamy red pepper and zucchini mixture around the eggs.

Right before the oven!
Do you like to wing it in the kitchen? What dishes do you usually throw together without a plan, (or a changed plan?? :)


Anonymous said...

Looks good! I actually had a frittata for dinner tonight.
Thank you for the yogurt whey tips!

Sara @ Nourish and Flourish said...

Mmm, I love anything that contains eggs and veggies!

I enjoy winging it in the kitchen, but only if I'm cooking for myself! If I'm entertaining guests, I think improvising as I go would cause anxiety! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love egg recipes, and this one looks fantastic!

Usually my stir-fries and my breakfasts have no plan. I just start pulling things out and mix-and-match to taste. =)

Anonymous said...

I'm a wing it in the kitchen in a girl. I don't think I have ever followed a recipe to a "T" and half the time I will start making something that will morph into another thing. I have to put a twist on everything.