Friday, December 30, 2011

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie SOP

Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is over and you're probably still swimming under leftovers of all kinds! Now with New Years celebrations around the corner, no doubt everyone is going to be looking for some sort of lighter fare.

Photo credit - Healthy Green Kitchen

For my Cell and Molecular Biology class last spring, we were required to make presentations that used the science template for outlining procedures in the laboratory.  We could choose any subject we wished, the more creative the better, and it did not have to be science related either.  The procedure we chose had to be outlined in a specific format and presented in front of the class using a PowerPoint presentation while simultaneously demonstrating what we were talking about.  SOP is the abbreviation for "standard operating procedure" and each of us made our own.  Presenting SOPs is very common in the scientific community, so it was necessary for us to learn this skill.

I decided to do mine on smoothie making.  My professor really enjoys food and I figured that a smoothie would be a great option since I could easily demonstrate it and have samples :)

I have made my original Word document into a PDF.  To view the Smoothie SOP PDF where I outline everything you need to know about proper smoothie making click here.  The SOP also features my favorite peanut butter banana smoothie recipe.   Photos in the SOP are courtesy of Google searches.  You can even download the PDF to your computer and print it for later referencing, or for sharing with a friend who needs some help with creating smoothies!

Enjoy, be safe and healthy in this coming New Year! Happy smoothies!

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