Thursday, July 30, 2009

Banownies 1.0.


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Yes, I have been on a bit of a brownie crazy lately. You'll thank me later.. In the meantime why don't you try out my lovely new take on brownies.



Eat the whole pan. Come back for more. The latter is NOT recommended.

Warning- these are flourless concoctions that are drowning in the ooey gooey fudgieness factor. Look at the texture of the above photo!

Banownies 1.0. (Bananas and brownies got married ;)      
    makes one 9x13 pan  

    1 1/2 cups  good quality cocoa powder  
    2 tsp  baking powder  
    1/2 tsp  baking soda  
    2T  vanilla extract  
    6 small ripe bananas - mashed  
    6 eggs - use less if they are jumbo, mine were fairly small  
    8 oz  (1 cup)  unsalted butter, 70% melted  
    2 cups  UNPACKED brown sugar  
    2 cups  white sugar  
    2 cups  chocolate chips of choice  
    2 cups  chopped or whole, raw or roasted walnuts
    Coconut flakes for topping

To make your "banownies":
  1.   Combine in one giant bowl.
  2.   Mix-e-vous.
  3.   Pour into a sprayed/greased 9x13 pan.
  4.   Place in a preheated 350 degree oven. Bake until the coconut has browned, the sides have set, and the middle has a little bit of jiggle.
   5.   Serve to some VERY lucky people. Whipped cream anyone?

Once you take these babies out of the oven, DO NOT cut into them immediately (this is in all seriousness folks), the brownies need time to set. I placed my batch straight onto a wire rack in the fridge. These are also very ooey and gooey so keep them in the fridge, especially now, since it's summer.

I am immensely happy with this recipe. It's so easy. Your grandmother or a 2 year old could do it. Well, maybe not. Grandma sure could though!

These brownies could probably be made with some substitutions, like switching butter for coconut oil, or subbing sugar for maple syrup or honey, but that would definitely change the consistency of the batter. I don't believe they would cook up as nicely as the real recipe. Don't let me neglect to mention that these brownies are quite healthy for you, but they DON'T taste like it. This is the ULTIMATE decadent brownie that you'd never know was good for you. It has good fats (think butter and coconut oil) and flavanoids and antioxidants (think chocolate) and fruit (bananas).

Oh wait, there's 4 cups of sugar. Never mind... but it's not like you eat the whole pan yourself right?

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