Friday, July 16, 2010

Banownies, revisited!

Remember Banownies 1.0. ??

Last summer I created several fantastic brownie recipes.  Brownies seem to be one thing that I keep coming back to.  I love making brownies, they are the perfect combination of chocolate and "bready" type dessert (or snack!)  While I love cookies, I find that brownies are more satisfying. And nothing beats a warm brownie and real vanilla ice cream.

There is going to be a party at my house tonight.  My mom wanted me to put my culinary skills and time (she works ALL day, I'm off on Fridays) to good use.  So Wednesday when I was baking for Yum Yums, I also found the time to whip up some of these banownies.  With all this humid, sunny and hott NH heat, the bananas at camp have been ripening way faster than usual, and that means a lot of brown bananas waiting to be made into something delicious.

I made the recipe the exact same way, so technically this cannot be a "revisited" post since I am not editing the recipe at all.  It was a good affirmation for me, though, that the recipe is not a one hit wonder, since the banownies came out fine this second time.

Banownies. (when bananas and brownies get married)
    makes one 9x13 pan 

    1 1/2 cups  good quality cocoa powder
    2 tsp  baking powder
    1/2 tsp  baking soda
    2T  vanilla extract
    6  small ripe bananas- mashed
    6 eggs  - use less if they are jumbo, mine were fairly small
    8 oz (1 cup)  unsalted butter, 70% melted
    2 cups  UNPACKED brown sugar
    2 cups  white sugar
    2 cups  chocolate chips
    2 cups  chopped raw or roasted walnuts
    coconut flakes for topping

To make your "banownies":
  1.   Combine in one giant bowl.
  2.   Mix-e-vous.
  3.   Pour into a olive oil sprayed/butter greased 9x13 pan.
  4.   Place in a preheated 350 degree oven. Bake until the coconut has browned, the sides have set, and the middle has a little bit of jiggle.
  5.   Serve to some VERY lucky people. Whipped cream anyone?


Once you take these out of the oven, DO NOT cut into them immediately (seriously), the brownies need time to set.  These are also very ooey and gooey so keep them in the fridge if its humid, or they can last on the counter for probably a max of three days, since it's summer.  But before you cut them, place them in the fridge or the freezer for a few hours, if you want real squares and not blobs!

Maybe these should be called molten brownies instead! :)


Anonymous said...

Those look so decadent, chocolate-y and amazing! They look like they'd stick to the top of my mouth in that way that I love and would require several glasses of (almond) milk to wash them down. Yum. :D

Anonymous said...

These look very yummy. :D I really can't wait to try them out and blog about them. :) I love finding awesome food blogs! Definitely helps me with ideas for my own.
Aly :D

Cheese Cube said...

Banownies,likely to be liked by all kids. good post.