Saturday, January 31, 2009

Breakfast and Biola

I am so bummed I haven't gotten a chance to post sooner. Thing is, there really isn't anything to talk about, or anything that is "blog worthy." But I need to force myself to write something.

Now I am back at school. I have successfully completed my first week of classes. Most of my courses are the same and my schedule has the same basic structure to it. I am taking Biology and Chemistry again, no, not because I failed them, but because it is a two-part class. You have to take both CHEM 105 & 106 and BIO 111 & 112. Yup, I am taking two sciences at the same time! It was really fun last semester, (well not really), but then again it wasn't horrible. Nothing I can't deal with, it just means that I have to take less genED classes, and that means that I have to take some courses over the summer if I want to graduate on the four-year plan. That doesn't really bother me. I think it will be good to have another university experience at home.

Being at school also means that I will not be posting recipes frequently. I don't have the time or the resources to do any baking. Hopefully I will be able to do some things (which I will have to at some point to keep my sanity) but it will not be often. I downgraded my meal plan from 20 meals per week to 12 meals per week, which has been great. Breakfast is always in my room now, which I love. I have some of my own pots and pans and now I can cook some things myself. I also got this great steamer basket from Whole Foods (now I know it's cheaper elsewhere, oops) so I can steal some spinach, peppers, broccoli, zucchini etc, from the cafe and STEAM IT! Now I can also make my own oatmeal and quinoa. On Wednesday night I made some sauteed red onions and snow peas :) My diet shouldn't be so limited now. It also helps that the grocery store is an easy less than a mile walk down the street. I wish it was a VONS and not a Stater Bros. because I have a VONS card and VONS has much higher quality produce. Albertson's is also an easy walk down the opposite direction, but it's more of a hike.

I tend to eat a lot of bananas here. They are really good for my muscles and they taste like bananas, YUMMY. I have one for breakfast typically every morning, that is of course, unless my roommate H hasn't stolen one, which she confesses to me later. I think she currently has a banana debt of 2? That's fine, her banana stealing has not kept me from having my morning banana yet.

As for my muscles? Most of you know that I am trying out for the varsity volleyball team this FEBRUARY. Around the end of February I will be trying out. I am so excited but so nervous and scared of failure. God give me strength! Ever since I decided (and of course talked to the coach) I have been training hard. Running, weights, sprints, stairs, jumps, wall sits, pushups, you name it. If it's good for volleyball, I am probably doing it. All of this training makes me a little sore, yay for building muscle, and I am sure my intake of bananas helps. The potassium in bananas is what muscles need, though there is more potassium in spinach then there is in bananas!

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