Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

My first post. Welcome to my blog. I am jumping into the land of gluten free blogging head first. Oh, the joyous anticipation!

Now for Christmas. It was wonderful, but it seemed to lack something.

For the past week I've been baking more than usual.. (mostly because it's Christmas time, and I am home from school and that in itself = baking). It's been muffins one day, cookies and quick bread for my brother the next, and an attempt at a homemade cereal today (which I burnt a little... oops, still tastes good!).

This year though, many of the traditional things that appear like Yule Log, date balls, Christmas cookies, and lemon bread are nowhere to be found. It has been different, but this is my first gluten free Christmas along with my other "special dietary needs." Finding out about food intolerances and allergies certainly changes things.

The boys, (brother G and Dad), have requested Yule Log. Yesterday at dinner, as we were talking about food for the week, they had a revelation, "Where's the Yule Log!? THAT'S what's missing! Can you please make one?!" My brother is the only one in the house that eats wheat. I cannot, my father cannot, and my mother is realizing that she really should not. So when brother comes home, wheat comes to the house. We do not keep a strictly gluten free kitchen, but my hope is that we will some day.

Yule Log is tradition for our family, and it does not seem like Christmas without one, we have it every year. My Grandmother on my Dad's side started the tradition a long time ago. Funny, since it is a Scandinavian tradition turned French (I think), that we as a German family should hold to it. Me and my Mom's gluten free attempt at Yule Log will be an interesting endeavor, hopefully not unsuccessful. It should not be too hard to swap the flour for some gluten free flour.

We will have to see won't we?

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