Saturday, October 2, 2010

October and Cupcakes

It's October already? The beginning of October always finds me with mixed emotions. In one way I am happy because October means that fall is officially here, and in another way I feel sad because my favorite month is September! Why? Because it is the start of new things, like school, new seasons (I love fall), seeing friends again and hopefully ending the summer well... and of course, my birthday!

It's been along time since my initial birthday post and I owe everyone an update on what happened on my birthday. And here it is, as promised!

Basically I have never really been surprised on my birthday, so for a year or so I've been talking about that with my friends hoping that I would get surprised in some way on some day eventually. I enjoy surprises when I have no idea what is going on and when the surprise is good. It's generally hard to surprise me though because I figure out things quick.

On the day of, after our first two morning classes, my friend N said, "Meagan, let's get lunch to go from the cafe because we are having a picnic."

This came as complete surprise for me, and I continued to wonder in my head what they were plotting. So N and I and my our friend E too, got our lunches and walked out a secluded "secrete" spot on campus that people generally don't know about. It is grassy and has a rope swing! They had to stop by their dorms to "get something" so I waited for a few minutes and then we walked to the spot. We put out a blanket and started eating our lunches. They gave me a birthday pin, and we ate with party pink and white polka dotted plates and napkins! They know me so well. The main event was when they pulled out a gluten-free Sprinkles cupcake, whipped out a candle and sang to me.

Sprinkles cupcake, gluten free :)

SPRINKLES! These cupcakes are so good. They are made by a bakery that has a couple different locations now. They use all natural, premium, or organic ingredients in their cupcakes; nothing artificial. About six months or so ago they debuted their first gluten free cupcake, which I was so happy about since now I can get a cupcake with my friends when they go, whereas before I couldn't participate in the cupcake goodness.

A few more of my friends joined us at the picnic and we hung out for a little bit. After we left, I went off to do some homework, talk to my parents, and get ready for class. It was a long night. Wednesdays are my worst day with two early morning classes and then two later night classes (the last one being a long lab). I go from before 8:30 in the morning to over 9:00 at night with classes with a 3-4 hour break in between, but no break between night classes for dinner.

After lab, I was soo done. I hadn't eaten dinner, I just wanted to go back to my room, find food and do nothing! N walked with me to get some hot tea from Common Grounds, the on campus coffee shop, and we walked down to lower campus to our dorms. N came up to my room with me, I can't really remember why, but when I opened the door, I saw streamers! I thought, "Oh this is nice, they decorated my room when I was gone" but before I knew it people were jumping out of the darkness and blowing party things in my face and shouting "Happy Birthday!" I was surprised!! But I must admit not 100% surprised, since N was texting the whole time we were walking to my dorm and I knew there was chance something could be up.

When I walked into my room there were pink streamers everywhere, with pink and white balloons scattered about on my bed, the floor, the walls. They made me a poster with pictures of us all, gave a photo album so I can put in more pictures of our fun times and also a photo frame with personal notes from each of them. I was so touched! They did so much to make it special. After they presented me all those things, they pulled out another Sprinkles cupcake. They bought me two!! I put in the fridge for later :)

We all sat in my room talking for the next couple of hours. Soon I was tired, and hungry so we said good-bye and I ate and went to bed. It was a very different birthday than anything that I've every had. But it was definitely one of the best.

ALSO, Looking to make some of your own cupcake goodness? Try some of these cake recipes, spoon them into muffin tins and make some cupcakes! Some of these are standard gluten free cake, while other use real food and are grain free, sugar free or dairy free. Check them out:

Upside-down Blueberry cake - Already in mini size!
Banana Cake, original - My famous banana cake.
Carrot-cake bread - A delicious healthy college creation.
Coconut flour Orange cake - I've been wanting to try this for a long time!
German Chocolate cake - I made this delicious thing this summer!
Red, White and Blue cupcakes - (but no food coloring!)
Vanilla Bean cake - With a secrete ingredient you'd never guess!
Double Vanilla cupcakes - Be sure to edit to make gluten free
Coconut cupcakes - A perfect combination!

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