Saturday, June 25, 2011

Grain-free Dinner Snapshots

Lamb-bone cabbage fennel soup with grass-fed
beef liver pate on lettuce with pickles

Sweet potato and carrot "fries," broiled bacon, vadalia onion
over fresh baby spinach, fried egg and broccoli sprouts.
Served with ketchup :) 

Baked chicken w/ bone and skin, sauteed broccoli and onions,
grain-free cauliflower, pumpkin and butternut squash "rice"

Grass-fed beef and bison burgers on the grill, with grilled
veggies, served with bib lettuce "bun" and grass-fed raw cheddar

Sometimes I am really good about taking photos of the dinner I make, but often times I'll be half way done with the meal and realize "oops I forgot to take a picture!" Here are some photos of plates that I haven't missed :) Don't forget the ketchup!

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