Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What to do with soured Raw Dairy products?

Have you ever bought some raw milk and cream from your lovely local farm and gotten so busy that you could not find the time to eat or use it up? It is too expensive, not to mention nourishing to waste... So what is one thing that you can do with soured raw milk cream? You turn it into a breakfast cake! The cake in the pictures are my attempt at making a date-nut-coffee-cake-like gluten free breakfast option, while not wasting cream! The top has a lovely dry flaky layer (like the top of box brownies) while the inside has a layer of cinnamon, nuts and dates. This coffee cake (sans the coffee) is certainly a work in progress. I don't believe the flavors are quite there yet, but my mom loves the dry texture!

How do you use up your soured raw dairy products?

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